After-sales quality

After-sales quality

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Uphold the company“All-round, quality, and speed"Service standards, with customer satisfaction as the goal, hereby make a public commitment。
1. Service Commitment
1. Our company has formed a group of strong emergency maintenance service teams, with experienced on-site engineers and senior technicians, to deal with any problems that ariseCan rush to the scene in the fastest time for repair and replacement。
2. Within one week of product delivery, the staff of our company's after-sales service department will conduct telephone follow-up consultation according to the customer's contact information until the customerSo far as users are satisfied.
3. All complaints about product quality will be answered within 1 hour, rush to the scene within 24 hours, and determine the handling measures based on the complaintImplement, repair and replace。
4. Our company promises that all maintenance personnel will be on call to better solve problems for customers。
5. During the warranty period, there are expenses caused by product quality, which shall be borne by our company。
6. During the warranty period, due to your improper use or the natural environment, we provide free repairs, and the materials and accessories used for the repairs are allOnly charge the cost price.
7.For products beyond the warranty period, our company promises regular on-site inspection and maintenance for life。
Second, the mode of transportation
1. All goods are delivered to customers free of charge, and installation, commissioning, installation and maintenance are charged. The maintenance staff tells the customer how to maintain the productCommon sense until the other party is satisfied。
2. After all the goods are installed and debugged, they can be checked and accepted by the customer before leaving the site。
3. Commitment to return and exchange goods
1. The returned product requires a complete package, accessories, manual, warranty card, invoice, delivery note, and an explanation of the reason for the return.
2.If the user has quality problems under normal use, please contact our company quickly during the warranty period to prevent the user from getting timely repair and replacement。
3.Now the following circumstances can not enjoy our company's return promise.
a.The product has been used abnormally.
b .Storage and humidity under unusual circumstances。
C .Unauthorized repairs.
d .Normal wear and tear of the product.
e .Exceeded the shelf life.
The final interpretation right of this service pledge belongs toDongguan Ruiyang Sponge Machinery Co., Ltd.all.

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