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RYBF-15 Lift type automatic foaming machine

RYBF-15 Lift type automatic foaming machine

This machine is mainly suitable for production line of sponges with the density of 8~50kg/m3, and is designed with currently most advanced PLC MMI technology, featured by high automation and easier and more flexible operation. It can store several foaming formulas which could be adjusted or modified at will, suitable for foaming of furniture sponge, bra sponge, shoe sponge, clothing sponge and electronic packaging sponge.
RYLF-01 Continuous Foaming Machine

RYLF-01 Continuous Foaming Machine

This machine is mainly used for continuous sponge foaming. It is designed with fully automatic PLC-based MMI system, easy and simple to operate. Furthermore, it can be configured to produce a great variety of products including furniture sponge, electronic sponge and packaging sponge according to the thickness, color and formula of foamed sponge, and proves to be a necessary equipment for the production line of medium- & large-sized sponge manufacturers.
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