Quality management

Quality management

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The quality management work of the factory is under the leadership of the deputy factory manager responsible for technical quality, and the quality inspection department is specifically responsible for the implementation and implementation of the implementation of the high-quality management system。     


1. Quality inspection of incoming raw materials, purchased parts and outsourcing parts into the factory     


1. All raw materials required for production, purchased parts, and outsourced parts shall be inspected and accepted in accordance with relevant standards and the provisions of the technical document order contract. After the inspection is passed, the inspection and acceptance form can be stamped before the storage and reimbursement can be processed. Procedures, if there is no standard and no clear guiding technical documents, quality inspection must be carried out before acceptance。   


2. Regularly or irregularly check the storage conditions of the raw material warehouse, strictly prevent mixing, and conduct out-of-warehouse inspections according to the material standards。     


3. For the raw materials that do not meet the requirements of outsourcing and outsourcing, the substitution procedures must be completed in accordance with the relevant system, and the substitution can be done with the approval of the relevant technical department, and the production inspection shall be carried out to ensure the quality.。     


2. Do a good job in production inspection and control the quality。     


1、Take precautions first, and the first piece must be inspected. When checking the first piece"Three comparisons"(Check the actual product according to the drawing, process and process requirements)。 


2. For quality control points or processing procedures that have been linked to the management chart, conduct sampling inspections according to the specified time, and fill in the inspection results on the management chart, and send out information in time if there is an abnormal situation。     


3. All parts that have passed the inspection shall be marked with a mark on the appropriate position of the part and transferred to the next process. Only qualified products are allowed to circulate during production.     


4. The defective products (reworked products, waste products, returned products, defective products) that appear at any time during the production process should be discovered in time, and managed and isolated。    


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